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Monitor-less computer - blank screen


I have called Teamviewer several times about the monitor-less computer problem. Support always wants to check and call me back, but I hear nothing more.

Running teamviewer host om Win 10 and monitor-less computer resoults in blank screen, and I cannot see that anything is ment to be fixed?

I saw this article, but with no help on my problem, even though the article mentions the problem.

For me it looks like Teamviewer don't want to acknowledge the problem, or silence it down.

For me this is a major problem as I use it to remotely controll client computers that often have no monitor attaches. Starting to use Microsoft Remote Desktop again as in old days.

If someone have a solution or alternative software, please respond.

If someone have same problem, please comment on this tread.


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Re: Monitor-less computer - blank screen

Hi rosnorre

Thanks for your post and I apologise that you did not get the answer over the phone.

Officially, we don't support headless systems sorry. If you disconnect or turn off the monitor, this can cause your GPU to stop producing an image which will result in a black screen as there is nothing for TeamViewer to capture.

We are very aware of this which is why it is listed in the article you mentioned. However this is a limitation, not a bug.

If you do not have a screen attached, you could try using a dummy plug that simulates a monitor. This will make the system produce an output stopping the black screen.


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Re: Monitor-less computer - blank screen

It doesn't work on servers and things like that.  To use it I have to RDP into the Server, then x out and log in with TV.  Kind of defeats the point of TV tho.  The only use I've found for TV is for clients who need support occasionally on their home or laptops or while traveling etc.

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Re: Monitor-less computer - blank screen

I use Teamviewer 11 on headless systems all the time.  However, I occasionally find that a pc or two in the field that don't play nice if somebody powers their screen down.