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Posted by Sevan2911

More Security for a Teamviewer running Client possible ?

Dear Community,

i have several people in my contacts list whom i help often with Teamviewer. Some of them have TV running as soon as windows boots up and to make things easy we set up a password i already know (because i set it up for them). Now i was wondering if there is a way to additionally make some kind of "two factor autherization" possible for those i help. Meaning: as soon as i want to connect to my contact i have to type in the password...AFTERWARDS i would like to have to type in another code which I (and only i) get on my cellphone to asure that its ME that is trying to connect (an dnot some random person who found out the password in some way) there somehting i can do this with ? 

to be clear, i dont want to make MY account saver but the TV clients in my list less vunerable