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Mouse Clicks not working after lock screen

As per title, mouse clicks don't seem to register at all after the lock screen. On the lock screen, mouse input seems to work with no problem. But once I go past that screen, it refuses to work.

Keyboard input always works.

I've tried via the android app too using a bluetooth mouse, and it doesn't work either. However curiously, touch input works fine (i.e. touching the screen). It is only input from the mouse that does not register. 

Perhaps motion works, but the clicks never register.

The remote computer is using Windows 10 (local computer is also windows 10 or android device). Both have been updated to Team Viewer 14 and have full access granted.

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3 Replies
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Re: Mouse Clicks not working after lock screen

Hello @jbwmyoung,

Thank you for your message.

According to the information you provide, the problem here seems to be the mouse.

Have you tried to use a different mouse and see if the problem is still there?



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Re: Mouse Clicks not working after lock screen

I just started having this issue today. TeamVeiwer is updated on both sides and ZERO changes have been made on either PC. Both Windows 10. This worked fine last week and no hardware or software has been altered on either side.

What changed? I've rebooted, disabled/enabled inputs and other settings, and nothing works. I've signed out and back in and nothing.

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Re: Mouse Clicks not working after lock screen

I'll start with introduction...18 years Senior Admin. in Network security (i know my way around any computer) so we can go from Tier 1 response to Tier 3...

Oct 2019

upgraded to 14.6...nothing but issues since installation. 

my setup:

Mac Pro running TeamV 14.6 

2 windows 10 VMS running TeamV - latest version

-WinPC1 - full admin machine - Windows 10

-WinPC2 - Bare bones VM - Windows 10 - this is to prove to support that another application on my machine is not causing the issue....(18 years working with computers ;) ) 


1. iMac connection to Mac pro - usable for about 2 min then application not responding on iMac side. Requiring killing all services for TeamV and restarting.

2. iMac connecting to WinPC1 OR WinPC2...mouse doesn't work because Mac Pro is locked. Once you unlock mac pro...WinPC1 is usuable again. 

3. once screensaver iniates for either Apple machine...machine loses function of mouse and keyboard to sign back in. Only way to bring up login screen is to press power button to "wake" up computer. Uninstalling TeamV resolves this issue on both machines...i have support files already created with support case.

4. Upgraded to Beta 14.7 on iMac...doesn't resolve any of these issues.