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Mouse not working correctly from Touchscreen laptop

I have researched this but not found a working solution.

I have a HP windows 10 desktop. I had a Gateway laptop (no touchscreen) windows 10 and it worked fine with Teamviewer on both machines.

I have now a HP Chromebook with touchscreen. I can connect to the desktop but the mouse function on the desktop is limited. I have to use the touch screen to drag the desktop cursor to where I want it to be. I can push the touchscreen to get the desktop cursor to 'click' and do whatever it is, say closing a page. I cannot control the cursor with the Chromebook mouse or an attached USB mouse. Something else I cannot do is left or right clicks. There is no way I can copy/paste anything from the Chromebook on the desktop.

I am guessing the touchscreen is the issue but how does one correct it?

Thank you