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Mouse pointer

When one of our users is showing a person on through Team Viewer how to do something, they cannot see the mouse pointer at the other end. Is anyone able to assist with this please? We are running Windows 10 on the desktops.

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Re: Mouse pointer

Did you get an answer to this question?

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Re: Mouse pointer

Hi @wieke @collinsco127 

Thank you both for your posts. 

There are two possibilities to solve this question:

  1. You can enable the remote cursor for all connections. Please go to Extras --> Options --> Remote Control and set the checkmark for Show your partner's cursor:cursor_1.png


  2. You have also the possibility to manually show the partner's cursor within a remote session. Please go to the toolbar at the top and select View --> Show remote cursor: Cursor_2.png


Hope this could help. Looking forward to your answer. 

Wish you both a great Wednesday and all the best,