Posted by ChevyNovaLN

Multi Monitor - How to limit to only one monitor being presented


I have what I hope is a fairly obvious question either because there is no solution or there is one that i've overlooked.

Lets say I have a Mac (Mojave) or a PC (Win10) with multiple monitors running teamviewer with unattended access set up.    How can I, using a single monitor (Macbook Pro), not have to deal with multiple monitor support.   I.e. I would love to only be presented one monitor by teamviewer.   I don't want to have to switch between 3 or 4 monitors to see which monitor a program/popup opened up on.  When working remotely I'd prefer if everything happened in 'one' monitor for ease of use remotely.  

Is that even possible?  

Note:  I do realize (and have been) that on my Mac Pro with 3 monitors I'm able to go into System Preferences-->Displays and just mirror all 3 monitors so it only gives me one.   I would just like that to happen for me and then undo it when i disconnect so i don't need to fix it before disconnecting or when going directly to the PC to use it.  

Thanks in advance!