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Posted by dominateeye

NVIDIA Shield Portable controller support for remote PC control


I installed the TeamViewer app on my NVIDIA Shield Portable, which has a controller attached to it. In the Android OS, the right thumbstick controls an on-screen pointer, and Android settings suggest that the system recognizes the stick as an external mouse.

I expected to be able to use the right thumbstick when connected to my Windows 10 PC over the Android app to control the TeamViewer virtual mouse directly. Instead, the standard Android system mouse shows up, and when I press the thumbstick in, it registers as a touch. Moving the stick with it pressed results in a dragging input, which moves the TeamViewer mouse as if I was using my finger to move it, and to click, I have to press the thumbstick to send a tap input. While this can function, it isn't particularly elegant, and I'd much rather be able to use the thumbstick to directly control the TeamViewer virtual mouse.

My question is, is there any way to make this happen via settings in either the Android TeamViewer app or the Windows TeamViewer program? If not, I'd like to request that the possibility of using the Shield Portable physical controls (and if possible other Android game controllers) be researched and, if feasible, implemented.

Thank you,