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Newbie setup questions

At this point I am trying only to be able to log into my own desktop from my laptop at any location.  The desktop was set up to go to sleep after a period of inactivity.  Am i correct in thinking I have to set it to go to sleep "never" in order to be able to contact it from a remote location?

Also, it seems to me to generate a new password for the desktop, every time it is rebooted.  Is that in fact what is happening?  If so I have to use a new logn PW every time the desktop gets restarted - which might be every few days. Is this correct?  And is there a way to bypass this without compromising security?


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Re: Newbie setup questions

The basic setup for what you described:

  • Windows Power: Yes, the computer needs to stay on. Make sure the computer doesn't go to sleep and the network adapter says on.
  • Start TeamViewer with Windows. Extras > Options > General > Start with Windows
  • Set personal password. (make it a good one!)  Extras > Options > Security 

TVStartup.pngStart TeamViewer with WindowsSet Password.png

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