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One of My Computers requires a code (the other doesn't)

I have 2 "My Computers" listed in my TV profile. One of them allows me to log in directly, without any authentication.
The other however pops up are requires the PW or code "that is displayed on the remote computer screen".Since that screen is unattended, and I am away, obviously I cannot see that PW code.
How do I change that 2nd computer to not require a PW each time I try to log in?
Many thanks
Peter Stock

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Re: One of My Computers requires a code (the other doesn't)

Dear @pstock

thank you for your post.

In this case you will have to set the personal password on the remote PC, to do that you will have to go to Extras-Options-Security and introduce the Personal Password (for unattended access) in the 2 blank fields, once done click on OK.

Next time you will connect to that device you will have to introduce that password, that's it!

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


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