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Posted by Etienne

One way connection ?

Hi All,

I'm facing a strange issue, and I don't know how to figure it...

I have two computers that can cross connect.

From the first one to the second one, all is working fine. But when I tried to connect to the first one from the second one, even if all the statuses are gree, I can't connect... I got a "unable to connect : unknown reason"...

As a tip, I am working with the second computer in a company that uses websens to blakclist sites. Could it be possible that the service deny be the consequence of a blacklisting of the teamviewer ID servers ? If so, how to connect without using them ?

Could someone help ?


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Posted by iainwels

Re: One way connection ?

Hello Etienne,

Is one of the teamviewer license a business license, becouse then i know what the problem is. With a free license you can not access a business license.

I hope this helps,

Thank you for using teamviewer.

With kind regards, Met vriendelijke groet,
Iain Wels,
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Posted by Etienne

Re: One way connection ?


No, I'm not in this case. Both versions are free versions.

I noticed a new information that may be help to find the solution: When I'm using another network (a WiFi one in my case), it works. But if I stay/use the cable network that use Websense, I can't connect the way described...

Thanks trying that... :)