Posted by Kellerassel

Phone lost and Recovery code dont work

i have a problem with my account, my phone was stolen and with this, the microsoft authenticator, i used for this. i want to deactivate the two-factor authentication, the restore code is the right, but i get the error massage, that this code is wrong. i hope you can help me

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Posted by Rami

Re: Phone lost and Recovery code dont work

@Kellerassel, did you ever get access to your account again?

I'm also trying to deactivate two factor authentication on my account, but when I enter my email, password, recovery code, and verify I'm human, I get the error message "The recovery code you entered was invalid. Please try again.".

It's the same recovery code I received when I first set up two factor authentication, so I'm not sure why it's not working.

TeamViewer, is this a temporary issue, or a bug or your end?

I can no longer access my old Android device, and so I'm trying to setup two factor authentication on my new Android device.

I'm still logged into my TeamViewer account in the Windows desktop application.

Any ideas?

If I buy a license can you help me unlock my account?

If not, how can I migrate the computers linked to my old account to my new account, and then delete my old account?

Thank you.

Posted by liamail

Re: Phone lost and Recovery code dont work

Did either of you get anywhere? I have exactly the same problem; my recovery code does not work to restore my access to my account :smileysurprised: I had to make a second account to upvote and reply to this thread.

Some clients are still logged in to my account but I cannot get access on the web or an any new clients.

I think this is a very different situation to the myriad of lost 2FA *and* recovery key cases. Please help @Jonathan  

Posted by Rami

Re: Phone lost and Recovery code dont work

Not really; this is what I had to do instead:

1. Create a new TeamViewer account using another email address.

2. In the desktop application where I'm already logged in, add the new email address as a contact.

3. Create a new group.

4. Share the new group with the new contact.

5. Grant the new contact full control to the shared group.

6. Move all the computers to the shared group.

The last step may be tricky because the computer has to be online and the computer may also have to be running the latest version of TeamViewer.