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Possible Violation of EULA email

I received an email stating that I may be in violation of the free EULA and that if I don't validate my usage is within the EULA, my usage may be throttled or blocked. It gives me a link to click or a phone number to call. Due to the prevelance of phishing scams, I pretty much NEVER click on links anymore but contact a company directly to verify any requests. However, I can't seem to find a way to contact Teamviewer without a Paid subscription. Is there some other way to verify this? I am only using Teamviewer to remote access my own systems remotely or to help family and friends.

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Re: Possible Violation of EULA email

Hi @mkuberski 

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It´s good that you are security-aware and that you are reaching out to the company in case of doubts.

Please let me post a reply of my colleague @JStotts (Originally posted here: Re: Strange Email from TeamViewer! ) to answer your question:


I hope this reply helps you.

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