Posted by AramidX

Powerpoint display issue

Let me explain my problem by starting to describe our set-up. We are a small factory that uses teamviewer a lot, all the performance, scheduling and monitoring screens in the factory can be viewed using teamviewer in the offices. Everything runs fine except one computer

This computer runs a continuous powerpoint presentation in our canteen as a virtual communication board. Because the physical computer is behind closed doors we use teamviewer to operate this computer, i.e. load a new powerpoint and then start the presentation.

The problem is that when you start a new presentation the presentation starts running on the teamviewer screen, but not on the TV physically in the canteen connected to the stand alone computer. On this TV the presentation is running minimized and you are still looking at the powerpoint program.

The remedy is simple, you disconnect and reconnect teamviewer, now you see the same as on the TV and you can minimize powerpoint which makes the presentation visible. This is not a serious problem, but it confuses all of my collegues and they always need me to run a new powerpoint.

Who can aid us?