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Problem with updating Team Viewer

I'm using a windows 10 PC. Trying to update Team viewer. I click on the pop-up that says " A new version is available...". It asks for a confirmation and finally it says " Team viewer will now close and install... "- after that it asks for an administrative username, password and domain.

I don't know what to type there. I tried typing my windows administrator and password, my team viewer accounts username and password, nothing works!

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Re: Problem with updating Team Viewer

Hi  DenvinLawrence

Thanks for posting.

It is definitely the Windows admin username and password that is required.
However, if you are on a domain, it needs to be formated like
Username: DOMAIN\username
Password: PASSWORD

I hope this helps.


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Posted by toroandbruin

Re: Problem with updating Team Viewer

Ordinarily, in order to update a program I need to use my husband's Windows admin username and password in the admin/pw box provided. (I don't have a separate one, myself.)  This time that doesn't work.  What else can I try?