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Posted by MrData

Quick Support shortcut in Start-Up folder client

Dear all,

Apologies if this question has been asked and answered, but my search terms reveiled no threads.

Every day since about a month now, I get a message that a service call has been created for me. I normally get this message for every newly created call and I don't want to change this "system-wide".

The service call I'm referring to now, is created by a user who is not aware he/she's doing this. I assume this is because he/she has a shortcut to the QS module in his/her start-up folder. Everytime the user logs in Windows, the QS module is activated and a service call is created.

As the name of the user is very generic, the user is not saved in my contact list, and no IP-address is saved anywhere I have no idea who this user is. I cannot for this reason contact him/her to remedy this situation.

The only thing I can do now (which I hate!) is answer the service call and try to make contact. I'm hoping that they are sometime soon fed up with the message they get from me that I'm trying to establish a connection, that they'll reach out to me, asking me to "to cut it out!". That'll be the point where I know who it is and only then can I solve this "irritating" matter.

Or, and here's my question to anyone out there: is there another way to find out who's automatically (and unknowingly!) trying to establish connection through a service call?

Any reply or thought on the matter is greatly appreciated. I hate to think that "annoying them back" is the only way. They're still a customer, nonetheless!

Thanks for reading!