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Remote Sound does not work on TV 13.0.6447

Is it possible to play sound from a remote computer that does not have any speakers or headphones attached?

Both PC's Windows 10 Pro v1209 (OS Build 16299.125).  Running Teamviewer 13.0.6447.  I've been through the forum and various articles on this issue.  Here's what I've validated.

1. Latest version of Windows on both computers.

2. Latest version of TV on both computers

3. On Remote PC - Communicate > Play Computer Sounds turned on.

4. Both computers TV > Extras > Options > Remote Control > Remote Control Defaults set to Play computer sounds and music.

5. Both computers TV > Extras > Audio Conferencing > Voice Playback set to Standard playback device (I've tried other settings as well.).

6. When I play a test sound (System Tray > Sound Icon > Playback Devices > Playback > Select device > Right-Click Test Sound, the green bar moves indicating sound is playing, but nothing comes through remote.

7. If I plug in headphones, I can hear sound in the headphones.  No speakers are attached to the computer.

Can't think of anything else to check.  Here's a screenshot of the various configs - remote PC on left, local PC on right.  Both computers in the same room on the same lan segment.

Thanks in advance!

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Posted by Alitai

Re: Remote Sound does not work on TV 13.0.6447

To your Question: You can play Musik from a VM over TV. All you need is a Driver. Hope you mean that?

I have the same Problem with Win10 1607 and Android7 (Galaxy S8) (All newest Versions)

No sound.

Tried to install TV 12 on Windows 10. No luck.

I will try now Windows to Windows with TV 13 also.

Edit: Windows to Windows works.

Many Thanks


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Re: Remote Sound does not work on TV 13.0.6447

Thanks for your reply, but that's not the issue.  This is NO SOUND in spite of all the correct settings as laid out in my first post.