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Remote asking for confirmation though set to 'full access'

Twice today I have had remote computers require confirmation before access was granted.  I checked the advanced settings of both the local and remote TeamViewer setups and all are set to 'full access'.  Anyone else having this issue?  How do we report it?

For that matter, I also noticed today the audio is not coming in on the remote computers, either, with the box checked to allow audio.

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Re: Remote asking for confirmation though set to 'full access'

Hello jltskfl,

Thank you for your message.

Could you try with the v14 on both sides to see, if this bug on your device is fixed ?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


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Posted by jltskfl

Re: Remote asking for confirmation though set to 'full access'

TeamViewer **bleep** me (and apparently thousands of others) with their new aggressive program of kicking people off for erroneous 'commercial use'..... which your Eastern European support agents admitted can be caused by using TeamViewer from a public Starbucks, etc...... 'corporate networks.' As such, I was forced to abandon this software entirely, including getting my actual licensed corporate users to switch products as well. I haven't used TeamViewer in months.