Posted by Neptun

Remote password change

We use TV7. We have a list of our customers in "Computers and Contacts".
It is required to change the passwords of all our clients remotely (without being confronted with each one in turn).
Can this be done? Are there any tools for this?
Thank you
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Posted by bartlanz

Re: Remote password change

Unfotunately, you will need to log in to each machine to change it's password. This has been requested as a feature more than a couple of times now. The ability to change the "Personal Password" via their policy system. Which would not help you because you are using TV7 and that predates the Policy system I think. Maybe they will add it in TV13? Here is to hoping!

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Bart Lanzillotti
Posted by Neptun

Re: Remote password change

very sorry...

Let's hope for a similar implementation in the next versions.

Thanks for the answer!