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Remotely Remove Computer From Account?

Just want to confirm - if I have teamviewer on 3 different devices (2 PCs, 1 android phone) and I no longer have access to one of the PC's, deleting it from my account (right click, delete) from the PC I still have will fully remove it from my account? Is this correct? I just want to make sure that deleting the old PC such that it no longer shows on my current laptop or android phone means that the old PC cannot access my TeamViewer account and associated devices anymore?



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2 Replies
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Re: Remotely Remove Computer From Account?

Hi @speez

no, this is not exactly the case.

Remove that device from those known to you, only remove the association that allows you to quickly connect to that device. To find a similarity, is how to remove a phone address from your address book: this does not mean that outgoing calls will no longer be possible from that phone number.

To make sure that your device can no longer use your account, you should:
- clear the device cache;
- uninstall the TeamViewer client;
- remove the device, as is known, from authorized devices through the Web Management Console.


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Re: Remotely Remove Computer From Account?

This is a really neat idea, that I had not thought of. It would be a great idea if from the managment console you could see what devices you are logged into and then remotely log out of them or disable them remotely. This is an increasingly common feature for cloud services. I'll go suggest it in Ideas.

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