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Remove Teamviewer from startup

I have no options set to have TeamViewer as startup item (both in the TeamViewer preferences and in my OSX preferences/users/login items), yet, I have two TeamViewer files on my /Library/LaunchAgents namely:



I don't want these there, as it feels very shady to have a remote desktop app launching with my system everytime I boot where I have no option to disable it. These files literally set the TeamViewer app to "RunAsAgent" and no, I want no agents. How do I disable these? Can I just erase these 2 files? Why TeamViewer wants to install "agents" anyway, is it a spyware?

I understand the need for agents if I pick the choice to connect to the machine I installed TeamViewer on, but if I just want to connect to others and have no desire to make this machine a host, the lack of option to disable the agent is shady as it gets.

Do I need to install/uninstall TeamViewer everytime I want to use it or I have a way to remove these agents/files from my system?

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Re: Remove Teamviewer from startup

Let me rephrase my post since apparently this is a "business strategy" (as TeamViewer no longer even offers a separated remote support app anymore, wich would make more sense for users like me).

Would adding these agents to Mac OS launchctl override database harm my system? Because AFAIK I could simply run:

launchctl unload -w {,~}/Library/LaunchAgents/com.teamviewer.*.plist
sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.teamviewer.*.plist

Serious question because I've seen people bricking their Macs with TeamViewer uninstalls.

C'mon TeamViewer team, you gotta give a way for us to step out of your Matrix here, otherwise TeamViewer can officially be considered malware:

Silent startup agents = evil. But if you can disable in app options = Fine.
Silent startup agents admin can't remove = malware.


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