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Posted by matrixebiz

Resolution of remote computer Windows 10 not staying

Hello, my remote computer is set for 1388x768 but wheh I remote it from another computer it changes to 1024x768. In the properties for it on the PC doing the remoting I have the advanced video setting for 1388x768 but it doesn't have any effect. Please help. Thanks

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Posted by EddyG

Re: Resolution of remote computer Windows 10 not staying

I have a similar problem.  I access the remote computer from a laptop connected to a monitor.  The laptop resolution is 1366X768 but the external monitor is 1920x1080, the same as the monitor of the remote computer.  In each session I have to set the remote resolution to 1920x1080 but for the next session the resolution reverts back to 1366X768 the remote desktop gets messed up.

Any help will be appreciated