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Stolen funds by scammer using Teamviewer


I am using a private version.  I had someone impersonate customer support from one of my financial accounts.

Is there any way I can pay teamviewer to provide me with the details of this session?  Can someone from Teamviewer please contact me?   [email removed]

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Re: Stolen funds by scammer using Teamviewer

Hi @steve6,

Thanks for your message and I sorry to hear about your experience.

Please have a look att the following link to see how to get help with your question.

P.S. I removed your email from the original post to protect your personal information as the Community is a public forum.



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Posted by steve6

Re: Stolen funds by scammer using Teamviewer

Thank U for your note I read the link

Since I am using the free version I am trying to find out if I can pay for help to determine details of the remote connection session.

Is this possible?