Posted by MattLatt

Stop users from adding machines to trusted devices.

I am on Corp Licence. 

I want to stop users from logging from other devices. 

So I created a user then I logged on the network. I chose "Yes from this IP". Which added that user and IP to trusted devices. Now I want that user to not have a possibility to add any other devices with any new conditions to trusted devices. Is this somehow possible wihtout removing that user from EMAIL access?

If removing access to email for that user is the only solution. Can someone at least confirm to me that the current trusted rule will not revoke until I will do so?

Can I open a feature request so: 

1. Admin can set a trusting device rule for the user manually and set the IP?

2. Admin can set permission to disallow a user to be able to add itself to trusted devices?


I mean now the process for me would be:

1. Create a user with mailbox in Exchange

2. Activate account (using mail activation link)

3. Add to trusted devices using link from the mail. Which displays the menu where I can choose "Yes this IP"

4. Disable mailbox in Exchange

5. So If that user will attempt to login to TeamViewer from new machine outside of the trusted IP gets information "we send notification to email please click to add etc."

6. User has no access to mailbox so that user can't proceed.



1. I create a user

2. Set that the user can login from IP (e.g. from top of my head

3. Disallow in user settings that user can add trusted devices

4. DONE!