Posted by Todd_in_LA

Switch to different user, switch back, Windows TV client has signed out

Windows 10 Pro, Teamviewer client 13.2.14327

1) Logged in as regular user and I have TV signed in to my TV business account.

2) From Start menu, I select a different user to switch to (admin account, in my case). NOTE: I do NOT sign out of regular user account, just switch user.

3) Switch back to regular user and TV client shows as no longer signed in and shows "Trial period expired." So now I have to sign back in to TV account, including 2-factor auth, etc.

What's going on? I didn't sign out of the original user account and I didn't sign in to TV client in admin account. I don't even have to sign in as another user. If I instead sign back in as the already signed in regular user, I still am signed out of TV and have to sign in again.

Also, I have the option, "Keep me signed in" checked in TV client, but that makes no difference.