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T.R.U.S.T. What happened to it?

After many years using TeamViewer purely for personal use and lauding TeamViewer to friends and colleagues for it's consistent, high level of reliability and performance, a feature has been removed form the software recently that unfortunately does not compliment the straightforward honesty that TeamViewer was once held in high regard for.

The missing feature is "Trust".

The problem with receiving dialogs from TeamViewer about their (incorrectly) perceived misuse of their software is that they have apparently decided to embark upon the current favored corporate anthem of the 21st century; that being, "Shoot now, ask questions later." This after taking a peek at our data and deciding that just because TeamViewer clients navigate across network boundaries, then they must be all fraudulent.

Fine. It's your system. You provide elements of it for free. I get that. But no one likes being chopped off at the knees.