Posted by jprie

TV14 on Terminal Server in LAN (VPN)


I read through the posts here found some answers for how to use TV on a terminal server using multi-user-mode... thanks for that. But there are still open questions which prevent me from buying a license... i.e. if I don't have these questions answered, I reckon, it would not work ;)

1) How does TV tell me, that multi-user-mode only works with license?

Is it that I see Server-ID=0 and User-ID=0 in the mului-user-mode info dialog?

Is it that when connecting it rejects authentication and shows that in the logs?

I would prefer a more obvious hint, that I'm using an unlicensed TV Version and therefore multi-user-mode is not allowed.

2) where can I enter these IDs in a licensed Version, if I'm using the ip address in a LAN to connect? Is this working at all?

thanks for your reply in advance.