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Tab stops working on local machine

Anyone had this problem? Can't find it exactly here.

Using TV ver. 14.5.1691 with corporate license. Running Windows 7 Enterprise with SP1 on local machine to access remote machine running TV ver 14.3.4730 and Windows 7 Professional with SP1. Though, this problem happened when I was using TV 11 as well.

Everything connects and works perfectly but after a few minutes, I can't use the <TAB> key on the local machine. So if I have an Excel spreadsheet open locally, or trying to tab through fields in a form in a browser window or whatever locally, I can not <TAB> to the next field or cell unless I close the TV connection and program. Then I can <TAB>. If I restart TV but don't connect to the remote machine, I can use <TAB>. Once connected to the remote machine, sometimes I can use <TAB> for a little while but then it stops working. Sometimes it stops working immediately.


Thanks for any help.


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Posted by TAQT

Re: Tab stops working on local machine

same here even after update to 15.0.8397

using a Dell 9575