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TeamViewer 14 won't connect, TeamViewer 13 deprecated

I haven't been able to connect using any version of TeamViewer 14 on two HP laptops running Windows 10. I get:

Please check your internet connection.
Most likely you use a proxy server and you have to enter the proper information in the options dialog.

I'm not using a proxy.

I got round the problem by using TeamViewer 13, but now that's about to be deprecated. This means that unless I can get TeamViewer 14 working it will be a sad goodbye to TeamViewer. If the problem with TV 13 can't be resolved can it at least be made possible to continue using TeamViewer 13?

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Posted by Klikom_net

Re: TeamViewer 14 won't connect, TeamViewer 13 deprecated

We have better :( 

TV 14 with QuickSupport 14 and we get information that client is running old version of TV, please upgrade TV ... Any fix ?