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Teamviewer 13 - Connection only shows a black screen

At the moment my teamviewer on my main computer I use for support is connecting, but only showing a black screen on connection.

Connecting between computers I'm attempting to connect to is fine, so it's something recently changed on my computer. A series of updates look to have taken place on 22 May triggered along with a windows update (60+ installed programs had their Installed on date reset, possibly with a Windows Creator update) so eliminating problems is going to prove difficult.

So some further troubleshooting tips would be appreciated, or an older Teamviewer 13 version to roll back to to test if that's it (though going to Teamviewer 12 didn't fix it - there was a link to an older version in another post).

Have been through various options already posted on the forum including removing Nvidia drivers, and eliminated issues described in

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Re: Teamviewer 13 - Connection only shows a black screen


Had uninstalled the Nivia drivers, then thought I should do the Intel Graphics drivers that were recently also updated... Removed them, and now Teamviewer works again. Though it's taken out my 3 screen setup.

So now have reset the graphics driver to get the three screens back, and now Teamvewer's back to a black screen, so the issue's with Intel Graphics drivers being compatible to Teamviewer.

Here's what was released by Intel on 22 May: