Posted by jtsacr01

Teamviewer 13 & Mojave Beta 10.14 - Volume Issues (again...?)


I have browsed the forums a bit and am noticing a pattern. Why does Teamviewer for Mac keep causing audio issues? My volume was way low and then I do a few google searches and one of the best answers on an apple support topic was to quit/force quit Teamviewer 10 and your volume returns to normal. (I have Teamviewer 13 currently)

I did not test this with Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra as I don't usually use my external speakers but I am now using the beta (Mojave) and I had the volume issue. I strongly believe it was probably an issue on High Sierra, too. This was also an issue (from what I can tell) on your software versions 9-12 and now 13.

My question is - this seems to be an issue for you guys update after update...what's the problem? Why has this not been addressed on a higher level? Why aren't emails being sent out to users (or maybe I have not seen them) that this could be an issue? I know Apple loves to change things to mess with others software but if the tech company I worked for released an update after update and the same thing continued to break, clients would move on to something more reliable...

I work in IT and my company is in the middle fo deciding if we are taking this global.  I think this would be a major factor in that. QA in software updates is important. A large company does not need to have IT tickets coming in about volume issues on top of dealing with normal day-to-day requests.

Did 13 fix the volume issue on High Sierra? So will we need to wait until 14 to see a fix for Mojave (I obviously know this is still in beta but it will release soon).