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Teamviewer - Run only (one time use)

A client has asked me to have an online meeting with him, he asked me to download Teamviewer.
I haven't got Teamviewer installed. I downloaded Teamviewer and chose the "Run only - one time use" option. Is this only for non-commercial use?

My meeting with the client was in relation to a work project. Is the "Run only - one time use" option SUITABLE for that instance or not?

Thank you.

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Community Manager

Re: Teamviewer - Run only (one time use)

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your post.

Yes - using TeamViewer in this "run only" mode would work. You can also use the TeamViewer QuickJoin module when you are "only" joining this meeting. It is just an executable and does not require any installation.

You´ll find the module on our download page:

Thanks and best, Esther