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Teamviewer is not working at all. Please help!

I have been using Teamviewer for ages without any problem. It had rock solid stability until now.

Now I have 14.1.9025. on my win10 PC and nothing works :(

I can start the aplication and it logs in. That's OK. Whenever my partner starts Teamviewer on the remote computer it appears as active on my side and problem starts.

- My Teamviewer disconnects then logs in again in every few seconds.

- I cannot connect to the remote computer, neither with password nor with remote approval. 

- Meanwhile Teamviewer app simply closes sporadically.

- If I able to connect somehow (one out of 20 trials) teamviewer initiates a second session in the background within some seconds. At least I can see a message that it cannot connect as there is already one active session. At the same time I loose the mouse control on the remote computer. I can see the screen but cannot do anything

I sent some feedback within the app but have not got any feedback. Please help!

Full reinstall did not help.

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Re: Teamviewer is not working at all. Please help!

To post my message I had to login to this site and it also forced me to add my computer to the  trusted devices. I did it as requested.

After it was done, my teamviewer started to work fine. 

However it is very odd behaviour. The app should notify that the device has to be added to the trusted list instead of crashing and doing weird things. This is very misleading.