Teamviewer with Squid not working anymore

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Teamviewer with Squid not working anymore

Hello Teamviewer Team,

I am the admin of one of our proxys. Personally i dont got a teamviewer license so i cant open a supportticket but some of our external supporter use this tool to help us with some internal applications.

for 1 year now everything was working fine and we were able to connect to teamviewer.

But for 2 months now the teamviewer isnt working anymore (10, 11 and 12 all 3 verions)

I tested this on 2008R2 , Win 7

Our Porxy is a squid connected with our main company parent proxy (parent only let us connect through 80 and 443 so we cant use the 5938 teamviewer port but this was never a problem..)

In our proxy log I see, that teamviewer connections are allowed and the parent is only a scanner proxy there is no deny rule.

The version 10 of teamviewer quickly changes state from connected to not connected

11 and 12 I got the message that they cant connect to the teamviewer servers.

[Logfiles removed]