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Posted by ElGrandeCrab

The configured neighbors for waking the device up are offline. What now?

Hi All, 

First time poster here, so hello and apologies if this is on the wrong board! 

I'm using teamviewer to remotely access my home PC, and have tried to configure wake on LAN via the teamviewer interface. My home PC is a brand new build, Socket AM4 using a Gigabyte Aorus x470 Ultra Gaming motherboard with built in Killer Networking Ethernet, though I do also have a standalone PCIE Ethernet card I used for my now redundant NAS system. 

I haven't used any Windows settings to enable WOL, except for enabling the computer to wake on a Magic Packet, and through the Teamviewer remote access interface. 

Now when I try to remotely turn on my PC from a hibernation state I get the following message:  "The configured neighbors for waking the device up are offline." 

Could anyone elaborate on what this message means and how I can fix the issue? From my understanding it is possible to use WOL in a hibernation state as opposed to sleep, can anyone confirm this? 

Many thanks!