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Transmit microphone sound from client to host

I want to use Teamviewer from my Win10 laptop to connect to my Win10workstation at home and use Teamspeak.

When I open Teamspeak on the host I get audio and can hear other people. But the host wont register the sound i transmitt from my laptop.

Is there any setting or solution for this?

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Posted by bartlanz

Re: Transmit microphone sound from client to host

Yes there is, under Options > Audio Conferenceing. The one you want to check is the yellow aarow below. If you have selected the correct input you will get a bouncing green bar at the one the green aarow is pointing at.

tv Audio Conf.png

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Bart Lanzillotti
Posted by s00283897

Re: Transmit microphone sound from client to host

Hi, I have the same problem.

I have a PC always connected to a IP Phone platform. When I connect from other PC through teamviewer and I call to an IP Phone, I can´t hear anything and the telephone the same.

Microphone is activated but doesn´t work.



Posted by richit

Using microphone from computer A on B

I am connected to comuter B using computer A. Now if I get a skype call on computer B. I accepted the call using computer A remotely. I am talking into the computer A's microphone. But the actual call is on computer B. Will computer B transport my audio/microphone to the skype caller?