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Trial version message box!!!


Sorry for my english, is´s very bad....

I recentely bought a remote access license. When i try to connect to some computers (to a few computers it works ok), it shoes a message box, saying it´s a trial version!!!

Can someone please help?TRIALVERSION.PNG


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Re: Trial version message box!!!

Hello @Jorge_Pinto ,

thank you for your post. Welcome to the Community!

Please read in this article How to activate your Remote Access Plan 

Contact us again please, if we can assist you with more information.

Best, Alena

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Posted by Jorge_Pinto

Re: Trial version message box!!!

I already did everthing that was in that article, and i still can´t use my license.... I don´t understand why i cant connect to other computers??  why does it always show´s me the trial version message???

What "version" of teamviewer does the computer i want to connect to, have to install??? they have installed for execution only, they installed it for being controlled remotely lately, just personall, for  both use comercial and personall... it nevers work!!!

I resolved the problem by installing **Third Party Product**. It´s free, no time limite for "trial version" and it always work like a charm.

I'm going to ask for a refound of my money and i wont use TeamViewer NOMORE!!!

Thanks for your help