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Trusted device email never comes to ATT.NET Account

Can someone please help me out with the Trusted device authorization email not coming through to ATT.NET email address? My friend cannot access his account. I dont know what to do!

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Posted by rlillard75

Re: Trusted device email never comes to ATT.NET Account

Okay guys I found the issue and how to resolve it. It looks like you have to activate "Two factor authentication". You will have to be at a computer that is already logged into the TeamViewer software. 
1.) From the software click on "Connection" Then click on "Open Management Console".
2.) From the Management Console click on your name on the top right of the screen and choose "Edit Profile".
3.) Now click on "Two factor authentication".  
4.) You will need a smartphone app to generate the security token and to use when adding computers or for logging on to TeamViewers website.  I use Duo Mobile. The only drawback to the Two Factor Authentication is that you have to use your mobile phone when logging in.

I sure hopes this helps! I am not sure why Teamviewer hasn't responded with this solution. I was beating my head against the wall until I figured this out.