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Posted by GALAN

UAC - Cannot see dialog box

I have TV 12.0.83369 installed on a Win 10 PC I support.  TV is installed to start when Windows starts (runs as a service), and does indeed start and run just fine.  The problem I am having is that the remote PC's user id is a non-admin id (Standard user), and when I attempt to update software on the box the UAC kicks in (as desired) and pops up the admin prompt requesting credentials to proceed with the installation.  However, I can only see a black box where this dialog box is and I cannot enter the admin password or see the dialog box buttons.  I never had this problem in the past with this machine, so I am not sure if it is a problem with a Win update or a TV update.  I do not have this problem if I log into the admin account and do updates from there (this is more troublesome that just doing it in the user id).  Any ideas or settings I could check in TV to respond to the UAC prompt in the user id?

Thank you.

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Posted by Chiron

Re: UAC - Cannot see dialog box

Take a look at UAC-Prompt-Locks-Mouse-and-Keyboard

As far as I know, it was a bad combination of Windows build and TV version. The problem went away with updates.

What Windows build are you running on the host?

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Posted by GALAN

Re: UAC - Cannot see dialog box

Thanks for the reply Chiron.  Both my end and the remote end are running the Win 10 Pro 1703 Build 15063.726

The link you provided did not offer a solution, so I still have the problem...