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Posted by JedenTag

UAC Prompt Locks Mouse and Keyboard

I was working on a remote Windows 10 computer and was prompted by UAC. This was expected and I have credentials. However, I was not able to use my mouse or keyboard.

  • Can't enter credentials.
  • Can't close UAC prompt.
  • Can't send Crtl + Alt + Del
  • Can't interact at all.
  • Closing session and reconnecting doesn't clear the issue.

Is there an option to disable this behavior?

TV_UAC_Locked.pngRemote Interaction Locked When Prompted by UAC

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Posted by JedenTag

Re: UAC Prompt Locks Mouse and Keyboard

The remote user is not a local administrator. If Teamviewer is running as administrator, the UAC prompt will not lock interaction. This appears to be Windows permissions rather than Teamviewer options.

Most of the clients I connect to do not have admin rights and TeamViewer starts automatically. I don't remember having this problem before.

Windows 10 Pro 1607 Build 14393.1480

TeamViewer 12.0.81460 H

Posted by Kamilisik

Re: UAC Prompt Locks Mouse and Keyboard

Having the same issue. When trying to install a software via TV as admin my credential cannot be entered into the prompt (Win7). It is the same behavior with Skype after taking the desktop control. My partner can use the keyboard, but it makes no sense sharing the password with him...

Anyone an idea how to solve it?