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Unmute via remote control

I run remote control on my parents' computer
And I want to connect cams and make video calls with my parents
But I can not control mute and cam screen on my parents' compute
Can I control it?
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2 Replies
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Re: Unmute via remote control

Hello @kingdom,

Thank you for your message.

You can during a session control by yourself the outgoing sound of the parent's webcam.

You need (during the remote session) to open the TeamViewer Options of your parent's computer and select Audio conferencing, as described below:

Mute cam of partner.png

There, you will have the possibility to control the volume, or even mute the outgoing sound of the webcam.

Moreover, you can during a session control the outgoing sound of the parent's computer. You can do that in the section Communicate and Computer sound, as described below:

Control sound of partner's PC.png

You can also give your parents instructions to control their own webcam sound.

Your parents will need to unmute their microphone and enable video transmission on their own. They can do it with three easy steps in the TeamViewer connection panel on the right side of their screen.



Your parents can click on the video icon and the headset icon  1 

Your parents can unmute their microphone by clicking on the little blue microphone icon 2

Your parents can enable their camera by clicking on the camera icon  3

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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Re: Unmute via remote control

I have the same issue, I used to be able to remotely enable my parent's microphone and camera using the control panel, but after installing ver 14.3.4730 now those options are grayed out.  I see the response where you could you just ask them to enable the microphone/camera themselves, but I'm talking about a 90yo with -0% computer skills.


Is there an option to re-enable remote microphone unmute?