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Using a slow laptop with a fast PC

If I use a slow laptop with a bad CPU to connect to a much faster desktop PC would the slow laptop look and act fast? Or would the poor CPU make experience slow on the laptop?

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TeamViewer Staff

Re: Using a slow laptop with a fast PC

Hi @Shilen

Thanks for posting.

You will be able to access all the power of the faster desktop PC.

The things that would make it seem slower is:
- TeamViewer works well with low bandwidth, but if your connections latency is high or if the connection is unstable this may affect your experience

- The Slower PC still needs to have the power to render the image from the remote side.'

I hope this helps :)

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Re: Using a slow laptop with a fast PC

So as long as the laptop has power and a decent internet connection, it will be able to mirror the desktop PC's screen even if it has a terible CPU or GPU for example?