Posted by Shawnd

VPN Windows Permission

I have TeavViewer on 3 computers ans I'm able to use VPN on all the computers as expected except two of the computers (with Windows 7 and Windows 10) can't connect to one computer (with Widows 10).  I can VPN from the computer with the issue to the other two computers but I can't connect to it.  When I start VPN, everything looks fine and it will PING but when I click "Share files via Explorer" I get an error message which says:

Network Error

Windows cannot access \\(ip address is listed here)

You do not have permission to access \\(ip address is listed here).  Contact you network administrator to request access.

I have tried turning off all firewalls on the computer, in the router, and turned off the antivirus.  I've tried about every setting I can think of with no results.  It seems to me that Windows 10 is blocking the VPN however I have the other Windows 10 machine which has all the same updates and was purchased at the same time with no problems.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.