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Wake-on-LAN with 2 OS on one machine?


I want to use Wake-on-LAN for my two Home MIDI Tower PCs, but have installed two operating systems on each of the two machines (on one computer Windows 7 and Windows 10 and on the other one Windows 7 and openSUSE LEAP). Teamviewer 13 is installed on all 3 Windows partitions. All Teamviewer installations are assigned to my Teamviewer account. The motherboards support wake-on-LAN. I want to wake up the computers using the Teamviewer-ID of my Asus netbook, on which also TeamViewer 13 is installed and which 24/7 (over WLAN) is online. Everything is set up strictly according to the manual, but if I send a wake-up command via my netbook or my Android smartphone (which also has the Teamviewer Android app installed), then - as you may have guessed - nothing happens.

Any ideas?

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