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Wake on LAN

Hello all, I am having trouble waking my PC (Windows 10) from another detvice (Android phone and MacBook Air with Windows 7 installed). I just can't get it to work. I have the Wake up button on the laptop, and a turn on/off icon on Android, but clicking them does nothing. Could you please help me out? Just let me know what info you need and I will find it. 

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Re: Wake on LAN

Hello, could anyone help?

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Re: Wake on LAN

Hi @1val1

Did you already have the chance to review this Knowledge Base article about Wake on LAN and/or the manual for Wake on LAN?

These articles may help you to find out, why it is not working properly and they are explaining the two differnet setups for using Wake-on LAN:

1. Wake up a computer via another computer within the same network. 
2. Wake up the computer via its public address. 

If it is still not working after following the steps in the article/manual, please post again in this thread.

Thank you, Esther