Wake on Lan - Remote PC is locked and needs Windows sign on

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Wake on Lan - Remote PC is locked and needs Windows sign on

I am trying to get WOL working, but I must have something set up incorrectly. I have read and re-read the tutorila pdf on this matter.

At this point I have the Wake Up working where the PC turns on and the PC at my end sees the remote PC with TV active, but the remote PC wakes up locked. I am not able to get to the Windows sign in. What am I missing? Do I ned to enter a Windows password somewhere or should I be seeing the Windows signon screen?

This is particularly painful because of 2 restrictions.... 1) the restriction on immediate reconnects, which makes it VERY difficult to try different solutions without waiting 10+ minutes to try something different, and 2) because TV seems to have labeled me a Commercial user, which I most certainly am not. Very frustrating given that this program seems to be very beneficial but restricted to the point of near uselessness.

Those two issues aside, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get past the Windows sign on?

Thank you in advance.