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Weird behavior of connection between TV14 & TV12

I had to work hard to generate the formatting I am seeing below.  I hope that it makes it through and into the eyes of the viewer.

The system names on my LAN are:                                                                     Notebook,                        Desktop,                       Lenovo                                    Their operating systems are:                                                                                 XP Home SP3,                Windows 7 SP1,         Windows 10                             and they host:                                                                                                           TV12,                                TV14,                           TV14                                           All three are interconnected via a Netgear R7000 and its Netgear Genie software reports that all three are connected and that the Internet is also connected.

Notebook’s TV12 screen had the ‘Your ID’ & ‘Password’ fields present.  All font colors for this section of TV12's screen were blue.  Similar fields on both TV14 screens had black font colors.  The 'Partner ID' field was empty.  The drop down box associated with the 'Partner ID' field contained only 'Show nearby contacts and devices' which exceeded the bounds of my usage of TeamViewer.  The Desktop & Lenovo were not listed as accessable in the 'Partner ID' fields drop down or not.

I attempted several times to connect Desktop to Notebook all of which failed.  Interspersed with these attempts, I tried (using Windows 7 Pro's various Control Panel tools) to fix the cause for the failures.  I tried to find help on the Internet using Desktop and came up with nothing.  I got desparate.  I tried connecting to the Internet from Notebook (admittedly a poor choice based on the age of XP) and it worked.  This cleared the cable between Notebook and the R7000 in concurance with Netgear's Genie.

I tried to connect to Notebook from Lenovo.  WOW!  It worked.  I tried to connect to Desktop from the Lenovo.  That worked also.  Those connections were simultaneous.  After closing all connections between the three that I had managed to open, I tried to connect to Notebook (the bad guy in the crowd) from Desktop.  That repeated the original series of failures.  WOW! WOW! it worked!

Somehow the connection between Lenovo and Notebook fixed the original problem between Desktop and Notebook re obtaining a connection.  The fix did not change the status of Notebook's TV12 screen data on the 'Partner ID'.

Can anyone out there explain this weird behavior?  Thanks for you thoughts.


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