Why I can't disable the host screen on a Mac in 2018?



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Why I can't disable the host screen on a Mac in 2018?

Hi there,
why is TeamViewer still not able to disable the screen on a Mac-host in 2018?

I mean, a lot of TeamViewer people told me since version 11 that it will come "soon".

What does "soon" mean for TeamViewer? 2025?

I'm pretty sure that there will come on of this reactions:

1) This feature is under the top of our list and comes soon
2) This is a good idea, we will put it on our list

It's a shame, that this isn't possible in 2018. Data-protection.. you know?

Mostly all of the other solutions supports that without any problems (**Third Party Product**, **Third Party Product**, ...)

I can't use TeamViewer anymore until this is possible. And that's bad after I put so much money in Version 11, 12 and 13 after it was promised everytime again.

And as it seems it will not available in version 14 too (I talked to the support).