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Why can't I add a LAN computer to "Computers & Contacts"?

I go to "Add remote computer" and enter the LAN IP address in the "TeamViewer ID" field like I can do with "Partner ID" in the "Remote Control" tab.

But it refuses and tells me to check my input and enter a teamviewer ID. 

The only half-solution I've found is to make a shortcut as outlined in this solution:

I am not very happy about having passwords in plain text for anyone to read.

I mean, you got to be kidding me! Is the only way to be more productive to be less secure?? 

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Re: Why can't I add a LAN computer to "Computers & Contacts"?

this is not implanted in TeamViewer, but it's in the features asked for.

if you go to this article,

post something to show your interested, maybe they will implement this faster.