Posted by mali_nuist

Why teamviewer choose this Garbage Company as the agent of China!!!

I started using teamviewer when i was at university. It's fast, stable and convinient.  But all these changed after the commpany called "sijie makeding" being the agent of teamviewer in China. Now even personal use will got a promotion of suspect commerical using, and the service soon would be stopped.

I can only use the "garbage" to descirbe this so called agent company, it has a quiet bad reputation in China.

Actually it's the "pioneer" in the piracy industry of China by cracking a lot of famous softwares and distributed them on their forum,
and later it registed the company named "sijie makeding".
Under the banner of protecting the legitimate rights of softwares, but it did the exact opposite in fact.

They not only carcked softwares but also faked to be the agent of these softwares and sold to the users.
Besides they distributed a large amount of 'MakeDing-trival-version' softwares to the internet, resulting the fiction that they are the agent of these softwares and framing up the real agent company to be the faked.
For example the "FL studio" real agent once be framed to be the pirate software provider.
They claimed that they were the agent of some famous software, but the truth is not.
Besides, they camouflaged to search for the pirate softwares. Once someone repied and give the download url, they will threaten the resource provider,even they were not the agent.
They sold the cracked softwares with much expensive than the offical version!
They modified some famous and  widly used software programs and even altered the digital signature and applied for the software copyright.
so many black history of this garbage company....

I don't know why teamviewer choose this company being the company as the agent of China. 
The company seems to expecting the all the users pay for teamviewer even for personal use!
I am so frustrated seeing this !!!!