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Re: Windows 10 does not see the service start until login

Hi all, this is to let you know that the issue still exists. In my case, I tried TeamViewer Host on Windows Server 2016. Maybe the method to communicate with the servers when the service starts was different in the old v8, as it still works correctly on the same machine.

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Re: Windows 10 sieht nicht zum Starten des Dienstes bis Anmeldung

Works fine for me on Server 2016 Standard.

Still does -NOT- work on Server 2008 Standard.

Still does -NOT- work on Server 2016 Essentials


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Re: Windows 10 sieht nicht zum Starten des Dienstes bis Anmeldung

So I had the same issue about Teamviewer Host not starting on one computer and I will say the steps I did to solve it so you can check if it helps to see a path to the real problem.

My Network doesn't have a domain, it has a LoadBalance managing IP's

I have 3 Dell and 1 Samsung, all notebooks and only 1 Dell had problems (the older one)

Teamviewer wouldn't start even after logon, if I double click the icon it would ask a security confirmation and work fine.

First I tried the "ServicesPipeTimeout" solution but it didn't help


Then I "enabled the interactive mode for the service" and it started to work fine. After reading this post I turned it off again. The interesting fact is that it keeps working fine, so for me the problem is around that base.

Now I have the Interactive mode turned off and Teamviewer Host 13 working fine.